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On the surface, many web applications appear identical. Yet, when put to test, some do not meet even minimal security standards or compliance requirements, leading to serious security breaches, eroded consumer confidence, debilitating maintenance costs and even penalties.

AppSecure Labs offer application security consulting that helps companies to Design, Develop and Maintain secure software applications. Our expert security services help clients to identify threats, quantify risk and take remediation measures to reduce application security risks and achieve mandatory industry and government regulations and compliance.

As an independent third-party security consultant, AppSecure Labs performs comprehensive software security services including web application security reviews and web application penetration test services, providing total security assurance. All consulting services adhere to stringent industry standards and best practices set by leading organisations such as OWASP, SANS and CERT. With our small size, we have the advantage to offer high quality service and to give our personal attention to every project.

Our Services include:

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