Welcome to AppSecure Labs

AppSecure Labs offers security consulting and assessment services to help businesses design, develop and maintain secure software applications. Our expert application security services enable you to identify threats, quantify risk, take remedial actions and comply with regulatory and compliance requirements in a pragmatic and cost-effective manner.

As an independent security company, AppSecure Labs offers vendor-agnostic and comprehensive software security services. Main services include secure software development lifecycle consultancy, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing for web, mobile and cloud-based applications. All our services adhere to strict industry standards and best practices set by leading organisations such as OWASP, SANS and CERT. Working as a small team of independent security professionals gives us the advantage of offering high quality personalised service to all our clients.

AppSecure Labs offers the most comprehensive web application security testing through automated scanning and manual verification techniques, including checks for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. Reports highlight vulnerabilities by business risk.

AppSecure Labs offers in-depth mobile application security testing for iOS and Android platforms. The end-to-end testing enables checks at client, network and server levels, including checks for OWASP Top 10 risks for mobile applications.

AppSecure Labs offers application security consulting services throughout the SDLC that enable you to understand and model current and emerging threats, and build inherently secure systems through secure development methodologies defined by Microsoft SDL, BSIMM and OpenSAMM.